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Probiotics are good, healthy bacteria (also called microbiome). They support, repair and protect your skin on a microscopic level. BLACK PAINT skincare products nourish them with the best natural & organic ingredients. These good microbes multiply, become stronger and work harder to bring out your beautiful skin.


It is a system of Microbiome on your skin surface,
not visible to the naked eye.



  • Converts oil and grime on the skin and clears up clogged pores.

  • Is good to fight acne and essential for pore care.



  • Produces essential substances like hyaluronic acid, vitamins and ceramides. These make your skin firm, supple and youthful.

  • Is essential for moisturizing, brightening, and tackling signs of aging like dryness, uneven texture and wrinkles.



  • Replenishes the damaged outer skin layer and its protective coat of Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF).

  • Repairs reddish, inflamed, sensitive skin.

  • Prevents water loss from damaged skin, combating skin dryness and dullness



  • Shields against invasion of bad bacteria.

  • Enhances skin’s defence against harmful
    environmental aggression, UV, free radicals and pollution.

  • Reduces skin flare-ups, inflammation and blemishes.

BLACK PAINT skincare strengthens
your Microbiome because…

Source more than 100 plant, vegetable and flower oils around the world…

…with only the best quality ingredients in every product.

Formulates the best individual solution by targeting your specific skin problem…

…as well as nurturing the creation of good bacteria for long lasting results that are enhanced over time.

Contains no disinfectant, paraben, preservative, emulsifier, colouring, stabilizer or fragrance…

…because these are harmful to your microbiome and your skin.

Is a Japanese brand carrying the pride of craftsmanship (Shokunin)…

…from manufacturing country of quality to ensure you get nothing but the best.

Won the Grand Gold Award (The highest achievable rank) of Monde Selection Award for 10 consecutive years…

…for its continuous upkeep of quality and innovation.

BLACK PAINT 3 Simple Steps


with natural oils, solvents, and Japanese-harvested Binchotan Charcoal containing powerful cleansing properties, it removes grime and unclog pores, without stripping away your natural skin layer.


with cream and lotion infused from over 100 types of ingredients to repair and support your inflamed, irritated, aging or damaged skin.


with fortified good bacteria against external environment aggression and pathogens (bad bacteria) that can make skin look dull and unhealthy.

Our customers are talking about us…


In my 20s, I tried a fruit acid chemical peel in a beauty salon to smooth my skin texture, but it led to even more skin problems. My skin became sensitive and red all the time. Small irritations, even a strand of hair, would spark sensitivity and spoil my mood for the whole day. It affected my self-esteem and confidence too. I also found that I couldn’t use any products containing synthetic chemicals. I couldn’t find a real solution for many years.

I passed by BLACK PAINT’s store at Raffles Place a few times during my lunch, until one day I decided to step foot into the store to inquire. I found out that the brand is Japanese, and I’ve always had the impression that Japanese take pride in their quality and product promises. True enough, BLACK PAINT make sure that all their ingredients are EcoCert organic and they had been awarded Grand Gold Monde Selection Award for its continuous dedication to quality for 10 consecutive years.

I gained confidence and started using what the salesperson recommend for my condition.
They were very effective products. My skin sensitivity has subsided and it is returning to a
natural skin. By March that year (2018), I had become a regular customer.

Clara Ang

As I grow older, my skin loses its elasticity, its strength, and along with it, its protection. My skin often feels bumpy and I was reacting more harshly to regular face washes. Itchy skin appeared frequently.My Google searches landed me on BLACK PAINT again.

I said “again” because I’ve tried BLACK PAINT products a few years ago. Then, I was younger and impatient. I wanted my results to be instantaneous, and gave up on BLACK PAINT after a short while. I haven’t come to appreciate that with only natural and organic ingredients, without synthetic chemicals as “steroids”, any organic product will need more time for results to show.

But this time I am surprised that BLACK PAINT showed me results quickly.

I found that BLACK PAINT has upgraded their range into a “microbiome” range, with all its products infused with probiotics. With probiotics as the accelerator, no wonder BLACK PAINT Microbiome Skincare shows results faster than just natural and organic ingredients alone.

So far, BLACK PAINT has given me the results I wanted. Soft to the touch, supple in texture, and a brighter complexion. I’m happy with the way my skin feels and looks now, and I no longer experience dryness, sudden reddening or itchy red patches anymore.

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BLACK PAINT has won the Grand Gold Monde Selection Award for 10 consecutive years.


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